Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MMA and Fantasy -- together at last!

Thursday, December 21 marks a milestone date in two great industries: fantasy sports and mixed martial arts. On this week's edition of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (Thursday, 9-11 PM EST), the worlds are joined as FantasyDrafthelp and come together for a fantasy MMA draft.

Here's the agenda for the big show:

9 PM EST: We carry over our fantasy hockey coverage from the NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT broadcast that Paul Teeple and I conduct on STC (7-9 PM EST).

9:05 PM EST: The big fantasy MMA draft begins. Many thanks to PKW head honcho Greg Kalikas for his support of our fantasy MMA efforts, as well as my friend and PKW news contributor Kyle Ross for his advice throughout this process. They'll both be in on this event, as will my good buddy Jake Digman. Jake is instrumental in everything that PKW does, from top to bottom, and I believe that he was the first person to float this idea to me awhile ago. I took my time developing it in a comprehensive manner and could not have executed it without his sage counsel. As my friend and STC colleague Bob Glassman would say, he is a mensch. Here's our draft board and suggested league guidelines. Additionally, I've set up a game that MMA fans can play along with that we'll track on Check it out.

10:10 PM EST: We ride to the rescue of fantasy football owners currently chasing league titles as we break down NFL Week 16 game-by-game.

Check out upcoming shows also for coverage of Hot Stove Baseball, a first look ahead at NASCAR 2007 with the changes on the horizon as well as the debut of our standard deviation from the mean mega-stat and our men's/women's tennis draft on January 11.


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