Saturday, December 02, 2006

Game-by-game notes for NFL Week 13

In most leagues, the regular season ends this week (not in my two leagues, however, and don't get me started on that). So here's some help for all of you out there, who I know will be qualifying for the playoffs. As always, we limit ourselves to recommendations on fringe fantasy starters as opposed to the "you might want to play Carson Palmer this week" gems you get from other sources.

Kansas City vs Cleveland: Forget what we said last week about the Browns having some fantasy potential in a "come from behind" sense. This offense is guilty until proven innocent. Trent Green, however, will put up his first TDs of the year and produce in fine fashion.

Detroit vs New England: It's hard to be excited about any marginal options in this game.

San Diego vs Buffalo: Peerless Price is a decent sleeper, especially with Josh Reed's injury situation and the improving Bill offense of recent weeks.

Atlanta vs Washington: If your other QB is a marginal one, Jason Campbell could provide acceptable production. But that's about it in this game.

Indianapolis vs Tennessee: We've been singing the praises of Joseph Addai all year long, and now you know why. Speaking of rookies in this game, however, beware of Vince Young until he can get his completion percentage over 50.

Arizona vs St Louis: Edgerrin James has had such a horrid year that he's slid from the ranks of the automatic starters. But with a better December, at least offensively, looming for the Cards, get him in there.

San Francisco vs New Orleans: Vernon Davis will start to produce, better late than never!

New York Jets vs Green Bay: In what looks to be a field goal battle, Ahman Green is an example of a marginal player not worth starting here. The Jet defense will not be a good matchup for him.

Minnesota vs Chicago: There aren't too many good fantasy options here, between the Bears' awesome defense and the state of flux with the Chicago passing game and running game.

Houston vs Oakland: David Carr is worth a look if you have a quandry at QB. Not much else to say about this one.

Jacksonville vs Miami: Joey Harrington will have a difficult time maintaining his momentum here.

Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh: With Hines Ward being out, the battle of the Bucs and the Squeelers could be the worst offensive match of the week. Stay away.

Dallas vs New York Giants: There aren't many marginal plays in this game, aside from both vulture RBs. They don't figure to attain much this week.

Seattle vs Denver: Beware the Broncos during the Cutler transitional phase.

Carolina vs Philadelphia: How ironic is it that the Eagles are no longer ready for prime time without Don McNabb, but they keep playing in prime time? One way or another, this game will be a tipping point for the woefully inconsistent Panthers. Look for it to go well, with Jake Delhomme bouncing back.


Blogger Dee and Khara said...

Rick, enjoyed the fantasy notes for this week. Like I told you, I don't need any lineup advice this week because with your help, I have dominated my league during the regular season. I have a bye week, and will make my run to the championship starting next week. I hope you don't mind, but I added a link to your website on my blog: Lake Erie Hope. It can be seen at If you would like me to remove it, I will, but I wanted to give you free advertising for all the help and advice you have given me. More people should have access to your knowledge...

Good Luck the rest of the way!!

"Dennis in St. Louis"

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