Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Program agenda and NBA predictions

This week's FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (Thursdays from 8-10 PM EDT) will have the usual bursting-at-the-seams two hours of content you have come to expect:

8 PM: Our pal Jim Kushlan from THE MORNING AFTER (heard Monday-Friday, 9 AM to Noon EDT on joins us for more analysis of our Congress Draft from October 12. With the presidential standard-bearer from the last election for one of our two major political parties insulting our troops, how will the voting climate change, if at all? Butters will break it down for us.

8:35 PM: We examine the midseason "Buy Low, Sell High" candidates in fantasy football.

9:00 PM: NFL Week 9 game-by-game analysis with our analyst Mike Vili's notes about each game.

Also, we'll take this occasion to give your our NBA predictions, with each record predicted, playoff results and major awards.

NBA Atlantic
X-New Jersey 46-36
Y-Toronto 40-42
Boston 38-44
New York Knicks 34-48
Philadelphia 32-50

NBA Central
X-Cleveland 55-27
Y-Detroit 53-29
Y-Chicago 44-38
Indiana 38-44
Milwaukee 36-46

NBA Southeast
X-Miami 57-25
Y-Washington 45-37
Y-Orlando 42-40
Charlotte 31-51
Atlanta 24-58

NBA Northwest
X-Denver 48-34
Y-Utah 40-42
Minnesota 30-52
Seattle 27-55
Portland 25-57

NBA Pacific
X-Phoenix 58-24
Y-Sacramento 44-38
Y-Los Angeles Clippers 41-41
Los Angeles Lakers 39-43
Golden State 38-44

NBA Southwest
X-Dallas 53-29
Y-San Antonio 51-31
Y-New Orleans 43-39
Memphis 39-43
Houston 35-47

Playoff First Round
Miami over Toronto in 5
Cleveland over Orlando in 6
Chicago over Detroit in 7
Washington over New Jersey in 6
Phoenix over Utah in 4
Dallas over Los Angeles Clippers in 6
San Antonio over New Orleans in 5
Sacramento over Denver in 6

Playoff Second Round
Miami over Chicago in 7
Cleveland over Washington in 6
Phoenix over Sacramento in 5
Dallas over San Antonio in 7

Conference Finals
Cleveland over Miami in 7
Phoenix over Dallas in 7

NBA Finals
Phoenix over Cleveland in 6

NBA MVP: Lebron James
Coach of the Year: Mike Brown
Rookie of the Year: Brandon Roy


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