Friday, November 17, 2006

NFL Week 11 Fantasy Notes

I'll be in The Shoe on Saturday for the Big Game. Prediction: 23-17 Buckeyes. And RIP Bo, a great, great coach.

I'll recap the game in the days to come as well. I was at the Ohio State-Notre Dame game in 1995 and never thought I'd see a bigger game. I stand corrected.

Oh, and also, congratulations to my alma mater, the Ohio Bobcats, your 2006 Mid-American Conference Eastern Division Champions.

Atlanta vs Baltimore: Good opportunity for marginal Ravens like Jamal Lewis and Steve McNair. For the Falcons, nobody outside the gimmes (Dunn and Crumpler -- in TE-mandatory leagues) is worth a shot.

Bufffalo vs Houston: No good plays for the Bills, as the Texans' D is improving. Andre Johnson is the only good play for Houston in a horrible fantasy matchup.

Chicago vs New York Jets: Beware the Bernard Berrian rib injury (questionable) -- check close to gametime on his status. Regardless of recent play, no Jets are worth starting in this matchup.

Cincinnati vs New Orleans: Forget what I've said from time to time. Never bench Marques Colston ever again! Go all in on Bengals and Saints for this huge shootout.

Indianapolis vs Dallas: Another all-in game. You got 'em, you start 'em.

Minnesota vs Miami: The dreary offensive display of Super Bowl VIII will be recalled here. Just the gimmes in this game.

New England vs Green Bay: Oddly, after the prediction for the last game, the shootout of Super Bowl XXXI will be recalled here. All in here as well.

Oakland vs Kansas City: The flashbacks end here. This game won't remind anyone of the AFL shootouts they had in the '60s. Randy Moss' mouth alone isn't enough to warrant a benching, but few fantasy options exist here.

Pittsburgh vs Cleveland: This looks like the field goal battle of the week. Mediocre fantasy production will abound, with Braylon Edwards being perhaps the only marginal play of any value in this game aside from the kickers.

St Louis vs Carolina: With a Monday Night Hangover likely for the up-and-down Panthers, they should fall behind and end up producing a bonus for their passing game. The Ike Bruces and Keyshawn Johnsons of the world look good here.

Tennessee vs Philadelphia: We'll keep this short and to the point: yes on Eagles, no on Titans.

Washington vs Tampa Bay: Don't play anyone outside of the Skins' "automatics" until Jason Campbell gets his feet wet. This could well be the week that the Cadillac breaks out of his year-long slump.

Detroit vs Arizona: Keep playing the Cards as better days are near. Don't go outside of Kevin Jones/Roy Williams for the Lions.

Seattle vs San Francisco: The most important story here is the health of Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander. Monitor this all the way up to Sunday afternoon. Mike Holmgren would be stupid not to give them another week off, but one never knows.

San Diego vs Denver: Jake Plummer has been better of late, so go all-in with your players in this game as well.

New York Giants vs Jacksonville: Both teams are in a bit of a funk right now. Don't go outside of the Eli Manning-type gimmes here.


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