Friday, November 10, 2006

Mike Vili's words of wisdom for NFL Week 10 football analyst Mike Vili is back, offering up his insights for Week 10 in the NFL:

Cleveland vs. Atlanta: In a week of many questionable and horrible fantasy matchups, this is without a doubt the sleeper game. Notwithstanding Charlie Frye's back problems, all Browns merit your consideration.

Buffalo vs. Indianapolis: Don't get the wrong idea about this week, because we're recommending many players, including the Bills despite the Willis McGahee injury. There are very few good fantasy matchups, and these two games just happen to be among those.

San Francisco vs. Detroit: A toss-up game that is hard to judge. Play only your traditional number ones.

San Diego vs. Cincinnati: Play the whole house here, including guys like Chris Henry and Keenan McCardell. This is another great fantasy game.

Baltimore vs. Tennessee: Another fantasy toss-up, made tougher to gauge by the fact that the totals line has been increasing through the week. Play it safe and only go with your certain starters here.

Washington vs. Philadelphia: This toss-up game has seen a steadily decreasing totals line throughout the week. Be cautious with your marginal players like Mark Brunell.

Green Bay vs. Minnesota: Caution is again the word of the day, as the Brett Favre's of the world don't merit consideration here.

New York Jets vs. New England: The totals line has been coming down this week, indicating a tough fantasy environment.

Kansas City vs. Miami: With injury questions afoot here, marginal players like Damon Huard are a stay-away.

Houston vs. Jacksonville: This is a fantasy snoozer, meriting no consideration among anyone except the every-week fantasy starters.

Denver vs. Oakland: Play your Denver gimmes, and stay away from Oakland altogether -- even the players you should not normally bench such as Randy Moss.

St. Louis vs. Seattle: Despite the glaring Seahawk injuries, play as many guys as you can in this game, including sometimes fantasy starters like Ike Bruce.

Dallas vs. Arizona: Yet another game that could profile as a shootout or a grindout. Go outside your "gimmes" with extreme caution.

New Orleans vs. Pittsburgh: The Saints should have enough offense to win, but neither offense deserves to have anyone other than the "must" players in your lineup.

Chicago vs. New York Giants: Injuries make this game a prognosticator's nightmare. Don't play anyone other than the Eli Manning-level gimmes.

Tampa Bay vs. Carolina: This is another "quicksand game" because of the injuries. Prepare accordingly.

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