Friday, November 24, 2006

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

I'm on the road this weekend in Atlanta visiting my brother's family. Hope you all had a great holiday, and for the benefit of everyone who's used to this weekly feature, we're still bringing you the game-by-game analysis of Sunday's NFL games. Here we go:

Cincinnati vs Cleveland: You don't have to be told to play any and all Bengals (hopefully, anyway), but we'll be the ones to tell you not to fear the Browns as well. Braylon Edwards popped off about the game plan like a dummy, but may be able to back it up provided he's not too far into the doghouse. If your starting quarterback is in a full-body cast, there may be worse options than Charlie Frye as he tries to rally C-Town this week.

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore: The other AFC North battle also projects as a shootout, providing some good scoring opportunities. Monitor Hines Ward all the way up to gametime to see if the knee problem keeps him out. I believe the answer to that will be "no" as of today.

Carolina vs Washington: Bad time to start Skins as the Panthers' D finally is not underachieving. DeAngelo Williams is a great start as DeShaun Foster is not 100%

New Orleans vs Atlanta: The Falcons are scuffling offensively, but this is a sleeper shootout in the making as the Saint D has not been stout lately either. Few players around the league will be as motivated as Michael Vick after Jim Mora, Sr. labeled him a "coach killer" this week.

San Francisco vs St. Louis: Who would have believed that it would be the 49'er offense coming into this game with momentum? Still, this isn't a game for any marginal fantasy starters.

Houston vs New York Jets: With so many better fantasy games this week, this matchup of up-and-down offenses is not a great opportunity for players on either team.

Arizona vs Minnesota: Regardless of what we've seen so far this season, I hope you're not dumb enough to be benching any Cardinal starters right now. The Vikings aren't nearly so compelling, although Chester Taylor is a borderline every-week starter and Brad Johnson should be able to crank out at least his trademark statistical mediocrity here.

Jacksonville vs Buffalo: Notwithstanding the nimrods rushing to pick up J.P. Losman off of waivers, he is not for real -- certainly not yet, anyway. This is not a great game for marginal starters.

Oakland vs San Diego: Beware the injury status of the San Diego receivers. With Randy Moss left as the only quasi-worthy Raider starter, this won't be a shootout like they had in the old AFL days.

New York Giants vs Tennessee: Your "Officer Barbrady Game of the Week": Nothing to see here.

Chicago vs New England: Hold back your Pats here, except Tom Brady. With the improving New England D, marginal starter Rex Grossman should be a last resort.

Philadelphia vs Indianapolis: Even without Don McNabb, the Eagles can still move the ball on the Indy defense, but this smacks of a mediocre fantasy matchup. Unfortunately, though, most Colts are always must-start.

Green Bay vs Seattle: These two teams, cross-pollinated by the Mike Holmgren influence, now have injury questions in common as well. Nevertheless, Brett Favre will be a good start if he is able to play (might be tough to ascertain that by gametime Sunday; you're lucky if you can wait longer to declare him a starter for Monday night), along with many others from both teams.


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