Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great Thursday show coming up

THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on on Thursday night at the NEW timeslot of 9-11 PM EDT will be another outstanding jaunt across all corners of the fantasy sports world -- and beyond.

9 PM: Fantasy hockey analysis with the season approximately 1/5 through. Incidentally, this coverage will carry over from the end of NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT, the show Paul Teeple and I host on from 7-9 PM EDT. Each week, we'll end STC's flagship hockey show with fantasy hockey coverage and carry over to the INSIDER.

9:10 PM: Here's where the aforementioned "beyond" comes in -- a recap of our groundbreaking fantasy Congress draft, complete with the crowning of a winner and analysis about the smartest picks.

9:25 PM: NFL Week 10 game-by-game analysis with our football analyst Mike Vili.

10:40 PM: NFL injury analysis beyond Week 10. We'll talk about the big stories: Shaun Alexander, Amani Toomer, et al.


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