Wednesday, November 15, 2006 College Hoops Team Draft

This Thursday night on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on, we will bring you a unique event: our college hoops team draft. Details below with the show agenda:

9 PM EST: As per our new practice, we will start off with a little fantasy hockey update. Since the show is now following the new and improved TWO HOUR version of NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT with Paul Teeple and myself, TONIGHT will always end with some fantasy hockey talk to carry over into the INSIDER. Ain't synergy great?

9:10 PM EST: The college hoops team draft gets underway. Here's our draft board and suggested league guidelines.

10:00 PM EST: Game-by-game analysis of NFL Week 11.

Check out our show, as well as our NFL Week 11 game-by-game notes on the blog this weekend. We'll also have a recap of the gargantuan Ohio State-Michigan game. My dad, the Buckeye season ticket holder, will be taking me to the Game of the Century and I'll bring you an eyewitness recap here.


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