Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 6 NFL preview with Mike Vili

Mike Vili's notes are back, courtesy of THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on, which airs Thursdays from 8-10 PM (EDT). Here's his game-by-game preview of NFL Week 6:

Cincinnati vs. Tampa Bay: We don't have to tell you to start Bengals -- ever -- but this may be a good game for even your marginal Bucs like Michael Clayton and maybe even Bruce Gradkowski, if you're in a bye-week bind at QB.

Washington vs. Tennessee: Which Skins' squad will show up? You'd be a fool to count on a great outburst from them given their up-and-down play and the Titans' better-than-expected showing against the Colts last week. Notwithstanding Travis Henry's effort in that game, there's not a Tennessee player that you are going to want to start.

Houston vs. Dallas: The would-be Battle of Texas will be a shootout, meaning that you throw your marginal starters in, such as Eric Moulds and Drew Bledsoe.

Buffalo vs. Detroit: Offensive mediocrity on parade. Play your obvious starters and leave it at that.

Seattle vs. St. Louis: This game won't feature many fireworks. Beware your marginal starters, such as Isaac Bruce and Maurice Morris.

New York Giants vs. Atlanta: Both teams come in off of rough fantasy efforts, and that pattern will continue for both. This certainly isn't the week to begin putting your faith in the feeble Falcon receiving corps.

Philadelphia vs. New Orleans: In this shootout, the Eagle offense should withstand the loss of Donte Stallworth and the banged-up status of Brian Westbrook. And in news we broke on our show on Thursday night, keep an eye on the status in your league of Marques Colston now that he has been granted tight end eligibility by Yahoo.

Carolina vs. Baltimore: Quite simply, this is the weekly Kicker Bowl.

Miami vs. New York Jets: Much uncertainty about which versions of each offenses will materialize here. Caution should be the theme here with your marginal starters.

San Diego vs. San Francisco: NoCal vs. SoCal won't be very compelling from a fantasy perspective, as the 49'ers in particular get completely shut down.

Kansas City vs. Pittsburgh: On paper, this looks like a relatively low-scoring game, and you should probably approach it as such, but it could become a bit more wide-0pen than that. Traditional starters should be your only plays here.

Oakland vs. Denver: In what will be NBC's worst prime-time game of the year, Denver's offense will gather itself enough to make the Bell Boys and Rod Smith worthwhile.

Chicago vs. Arizona: This game will be closer to the vest than many would think. Think long and hard before deploying your marginal starters here (i.e. Thomas Jones, Cedric Benson, Bryant Johnson).


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