Sunday, October 08, 2006

Week 5 football insights from Mike Vili

Our football correspondant Mike Vili brings you his Week Five NFL notes -- as usual, to hear Mike's breakdowns, and those of our staff as well, tune in to THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER, Thursday nights from 8-10 PM EDT on

Tennessee-Indianapolis: Not much to say that is not blatantly obvious here. Titans players will be toxic plays for quite awhile as the Vince Young era gets underway under difficult circumstances.

Washington-New York Giants: Go all in with your Redskins and Giants players, including the more marginal ones like Amani Toomer.

Detroit-Minnesota: No marginal starters (like Kevin Jones) are worthwhile plays here.

Tampa Bay-New Orleans: Remember what we've said previously, that sometimes games missing a key player can be higher-scoring than people think they will be (i.e. Big Ben misses the Pittsburgh-Miami shootout Week One). This is not to say that the Bucs won't suffer without Chris Simms, but maybe just a tad less than everyone thinks.

St. Louis-Green Bay: Another all-in game, with players like Greg Jennings seeing more production with less Packer offensive players healthy and the Rams rolling again.

Miami-New England: A huge toss-up game, with the Pats having been up and down and the Fish having been very disappointing to date. It's difficult to recommend too many players here.

Buffalo-Chicago: Surprisingly, this will be more of a shootout than people think -- and yes, we're telling you to play your marginal Bills against the Bears D. Clip and save!

Cleveland-Carolina: Although the Browns O has shown signs of life and the Panthers are getting it together at last, this will be the field goal bonanza of the week. Plan accordingly.

New York Jets-Jacksonville: Another toss-up game, with the likelihood pointing toward a fairly defensive battle and few good fantasy options here.

Kansas City-Arizona: With the Chiefs going off out of nowhere last week and the Cards making the move to Matt Leinart, this is a rare game with both teams in a huge state of transition. The Arizona offense will be better than people think quicker than people think with Leinart at the helm, so by all means don't make the rookie mistake of benching your automatic starters.

Oakland-San Francisco: Here's another "more scoring than you'd think" game. We hope you weren't rash enough to cut Randy Moss, big mouth or no big mouth.

Dallas-Philadelphia: Even if all Philly fantasy players were healthy, this was not shaping up as a shootout. We don't recommend any players other than the automatic ones here.

Pittsburgh-San Diego: The defenses will reign here -- don't go beyond the obvious starters here.

Baltimore-Denver: Neither team will go off offensively, but we're more comfortable with Bronco performers than the Raven ones.


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