Friday, October 27, 2006

Mike Vili's NFL game-by-game notes for this week

He's back! Our football analyst Mike Vili has his game-by-game notes for this weekend's NFL action. Enjoy!

Houston vs. Tennessee: Beyond starting obvious Texans fantasy players like Andre Johnson and David Carr (David Carr!!!), you may want to look at the marginal ones like Wali Lundy and even some Titans. This will have more wattage than people think.

Jacksonville vs. Philadelphia: This one has the potential for some offense, but not enough likelihood to justify too many marginal starters.

Atlanta vs. Cincinnati: Much like the Jax/Philly game, beware of relying on anything other than your certain starters -- but there is the potential for some offense here.

Tampa Bay vs. New York Giants: Although the Bucs are predictably regressing with their rook QB, this game will be a surprise shootout.

San Francisco vs. Chicago: Play a lot of Bears here. The 49'ers? Remember, they are playing against the Bear defense!

Arizona vs. Green Bay: This one is another surprise shootout.

Seattle vs. Kansas City: What a mess, with all of the injuries. Don't expect much fantasy output here.

Baltimore vs. New Orleans: This is one of those darn fantasy toss-up games. Make sure you're playing the kickers, and avoid marginal starters here.

St. Louis vs. San Diego: This game will see some scoring. Your marginal players are a must here.

Pittsburgh vs. Oakland: Yet another game this week that could see the offenses going off against all odds -- just don't count on it.

New York Jets vs. Cleveland: The Browns offense will be on the way back up with the long-overdue Mo Carthon firing, but not quite yet. This looks like another field goal battle royal.

Indianapolis vs. Denver: Offense vs. defense -- which will win out? We say defense. You have to start your Colts, but don't feel too happy about it.

Dallas vs. Carolina: The amount of offense in this game may be slightly surprising. Even with Tony Romo, the Cowboys will put up some production.

New England vs. Minnesota: This is not a game for the marginal fantasy players like Doug Gabriel.


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