Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fantasy fun of many stripes

We've got a lot of fun coming your way on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on this Thursday at 8 PM EDT. By the way, our apologies to those of you, probably mainly last-minute hoops drafters, who were trying to access The Mothership today when it was down. Something was going on, I believe, with our server. We'll keep a sharp eye on those technical gremlins going forward.

Here's the agenda:

8 PM: We'll review our Congress Draft from the October 12 program and update the landscape in light of the ever-changing landscape. To do this, we'll talk to our friend Jim Kushlan, one of the two hosts of THE MORNING AFTER, STC's hugely successful morning show. The other host, we might add, is our NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT co-host Paul Teeple.

8:20 PM: We'll recap last week's hoops mock draft, with emphasis on the more interesting moments of the event. Incidentally, our recap of the event is right here.

8:40 PM: We move on to the midseason fantasy football review, with an analysis of the Buy Low/Sell High candidates right now.

9:00 PM: NFL Week 8 game-by-game analysis with Fantasy Drafthelp football analyst Mike Vili. We'll have his notes up here on the blog by the weekend as per usual.


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