Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another unique Thursday show -- but aren't they all?

We've got a really different twist on fantasy sports coming this Thursday from 8-10 PM EDT on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on SportsTalkCleveland -- a bowling draft!

8 PM: We hold the first Professional Bowlers Association draft you will find on any broadcast anywhere! Draft board and details of how to draft here.

8:35 PM: Additional details on our earthshattering fantasy MMA announcement from last week's program.

8:40 PM: A preview of next week's most improbable draft yet: our 2006 Fantasy Congress draft! No Mark Foley jokes about fantasies please; those are played out by now, aren't they?

8:45 PM: How did our forecasts about "greenies" testing in baseball turn out this year? We forecast rises in strikeouts and (conspiracy theory) home runs. We were right about both -- but in a manner even WE found surprising. Details to come here.

8:55 PM: Our game-by-game preview of NFL Week Five with our football correspondant Mike Vili. As usual, we'll have his observations about each game right here on the blog this weekend.


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