Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL Week Three thoughts

As usual, we're bringing you our thoughts from THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER show, heard Thursday nights from 8-10 PM EDT on Specifically, they're the Week 3 NFL notes from our football correspondant, Mike Vili. Enjoy!

New York Jets-Buffalo: The Jets' offense is pretty Sybil-like right now -- it's hard to justify recommending their starters, or for that matter, many Bills.

Cincinnati-Pittsburgh: It's tough to forecast the tempo of this game, because the Bengals should have all guns blazing, while Pittsburgh has hit a brick wall. Parker and Ward remain mandatory starters, of course, but beware any more marginal fantasy Steelers.

Jacksonville-Indianapolis: Another game with a difficult-to-predict tempo because of the defenses involved. The Vegas total has dropped substantially on this game, indicating that it may be less of a shootout than usual for the Colts. Don't go beyond the mandatory starters in this game.

Tennessee-Miami: The Dolphins and their fantasy players come back strong, while the Titans do not. Kerry Collins is done.

Washington-Houston: While the Skins should perform better against such weak competition, Mark Brunell is looking like he is not the man to run the Al Saunders offense, as we have noted the last few weeks.

Chicago-Minnesota: Keep riding the Bears' hot streak offensively full force and don't look for Brad Johnson to put up even his usual mediocre statistical performance.

Carolina-Tampa Bay: This game should be low-scoring and one to avoid even for some usual fantasy starters like Carnell Williams (Rick Morris note: I have Carnell Williams and will keep him in my lineup this week, so this is a dissenting note. As I've often said, I think it's very hard to justify sitting high draft picks unless they are injured. I respect Mike's advice, though, so this is an unusual point of disagreement. I may do this from time to time when his advice is markedly different from my own).

Green Bay-Detroit: This should be a bounce-back game for your marginal Packer and Lion starters. While there are plenty of stay-away fantasy games this weekend, this isn't one of them.

Baltimore-Cleveland: Out of pure desperation, Cleveland should open it up some more and continue to move Kellen Winslow II into an every-week starting TE. If Reuben Droughns is healthy enough to play -- check the game-time decision -- he will bounce back a bit, even if just as a goal-line vulture after a pass play.

St. Louis-Arizona: There are many every-week starters on these two teams, but don't go beyond them and start the likes of Kevin Curtis and Isaac Bruce. This game won't be a mega-shootout.

New York Giants-Seattle: Our advice on the Giants was right through the first two weeks, but has run its course -- at least this week. Sit your marginal starters like Amani Toomer now.

Philadelphia-San Francisco: Who'd have thunk it at the beginning of the season? This game is a fantasy showcase! Start them all! And pay attention as Frank Gore and Antonio Bryant (at last!) are moving towards every-week starting status.

Denver-New England: Now you have more than the Bell Boys to fear with the Broncos -- the entire offense has the Jake Flu. It's not going to get any better this week.

Atlanta-New Orleans: The emotion will of course be through the roof, and makes this game almost impossible to analyze in a conventional sense. We favor both offenses, anticipating a wild shootout in the Dome, with many marginal fantasy starters on both teams having an impact.


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