Friday, September 29, 2006

NFL Week Four notes

As we've been doing the last few weeks, we bring you the NFL Week Four analysis from Mike Vili, football contributor and our lead football analyst on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (seen Thursday nights from 8-10 PM EDT). Enjoy his thoughts:

Miami vs. Houston: Carr and Culpepper will light it up -- start your borderline contributors from both teams.

Detroit vs. St. Louis: This looks like another fantasy toss-up game where it's difficult to get a read on what could happen. Under the circumstances, it's hard to recommend any borderline starters like Ike Bruce.

New England vs. Cincinnati: Patriot receivers don't merit a play, but the entire Bengal roster does.

Jacksonville vs. Washington: Brunell defied the grim prognosis from this space last week, but it should be back to the dismal normal he has "enjoyed" this season. He's not a good fit for the Al Saunders offense.

Cleveland vs. Oakland: Kickers will prosper here -- the Browns don't have too many strong plays aside from KWII because Droughns is still banged up and Mo Carthon's game-planning is not, shall we say, focused. You have to start Lamont Jordan if you have him, and Randy Moss as well, but don't have crazy expectations.

Seattle vs. Chicago: No Shawn Alexander, two defenses that can clamp down -- this has the look of a close-to-the-vest game, but sometimes surprises happen in games without a star player (i.e. Pittsburgh-Miami Week One, which was forecast here).

Green Bay-Philadelphia: Start as many Packers and Eagles as you can. Philly may roll, but this looks like at least a 38-24 game.

Indianapolis-New York Jets: Most Colts are automatic every-week starters, but we'll also recommend more than your usual allotment of Jets this week.

San Diego-Baltimore: The total on this game is dropping, which may bode an even worse fantasy game than you might think.

Minnesota-Buffalo: Another fantasy football toss-up game -- err on the side of caution and only count on the "automatics," i.e. the two running backs.

Dallas-Tennessee: T.O. the drama queen may well come through, as he often does in the crises of his own making -- Big Tuna has to allow him to suit up first, however.

San Francisco-Kansas City: Fittingly, the "Joe Montana Bowl" will be a bigger shootout than most think.

New Orleans-Carolina: Buy Panthers and sell Saints starting right now.

Arizona-Atlanta: The Cards will be in a holding pattern until Leinart is promoted. The Falcons look much the same offensively as they have the past few years: excellent running game, suspect passing game.


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