Saturday, September 16, 2006

Deep thoughts on NFL Week 2

As we did last week, we'll post notes here from Mike Vili, our football analyst for, who appears with us each week during the football season to break down NFL action on THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on (airing from 8-10 PM EDT each Thursday night). Speaking of THE INSIDER, a special note here: we start one hour early this week for a special joint episode of the show and NORTHCOAST HOCKEY TONIGHT (the weekly hockey show hosted by Paul Teeple and yours truly). It's our annual hockey mock draft program, coming your way at 7 PM EDT.

On to the Week 2 action:

Cleveland-Cincinnati: This could be a shootout, including some surprising production for the Browns offense. Charlie Frye is so very hard to recommend right now as a starter, but if you're desperate, you could do worse than starting him here.

Houston-Indianapolis: Another shootout, and what is true of Charlie Frye is also true of David Carr -- if you're desperate, consider him.

New Orleans-Green Bay: Not a bounceback game for Brett Favre and the Packer offense, but it's a chance for Reggie Bush to advance from what he did last week. This looks like a mediocre fantasy game, though.

Detroit-Chicago: Very little to see here in fantasy production, as the Mike Martz offense continues to come along slowly due to tough matchups.

Oakland-Baltimore: Week 1 trends continue as Jamal Lewis will run strong and the Oakland offense will still be pathetic.

Tampa Bay-Atlanta: The Atlanta defense, which we touted before Week 1 on the fantasy show, will once again create havoc.

New York Giants-Philadelphia: In this shootout, play even your marginal starters like Amani Toomer. LJ Smith and Donte Stallworth are every-week starters until further notice.

Carolina-Minnesota: Brad Johnson will probably have one of his usual middling fantasy performances, and Chester Taylor could well keep his momentum going. The Carolina offense may not improve much with a hobbling Steve Smith again this week.

Buffalo-Miami: This is a very difficult game to forecast from a fantasy standpoint -- it probably computes to fairly average production all around.

Arizona-Seattle: A mega-shootout that will compel you to put your marginal starters like Bobby Engram in the game.

St. Louis-San Francisco: San Francisco starters are justifying another start -- monitor to see if Frank Gore and Company could be edging towards becoming every-week starters or whether they just got lucky in a Week 1 shootout.

Tennessee-San Diego: Phillip Rivers may not break through this week, but it is coming. The Titans will do nothing.

New England-New York Jets: Another fairly middling fantasy game -- don't start any Jets or any Patriots WRs.

Kansas City-Denver: Another game to stay away from marginal fantasy starters.

Washington-Dallas: A much better "real game" than fantasy matchup. Mark Brunell is showing early signs of being ill-suited for the Al Saunders offense, so don't put too much hope in him or the WRs.

Pittsburgh-Jacksonville: The kickers are the must-plays in this game.


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