Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fantasy football draft prep and more

This Thursday from 8-10 PM EDT, on the Insider on, we will break down everything you need to know in terms of strategy for your upcoming football drafts.

8 PM: We will begin by announcing (OK, repeating, since we're announcing it here) our new MySpace page, . We wish to solicit the input of our readers and listeners about what should be a part of our new addition to the online "family."

8:10 PM: We preview our college football team draft next week.

8:20 PM: Baseball talk as we continue to ponder "lessons learned" in the 2006 season.

8:30 PM: We get into our most comprehensive fantasy football draft talk yet. We will review what we've talked about in recent weeks and tie it into the holistic approach we advocate. This will include statistical analysis, draft psychology, player moves, training camp news and other aspects that tie into the eternal search for value. We'll take this the entire 1 1/2 hours the rest of the way leading into our mock draft special next week, one of our biggest shows of the year.

Please stay tuned also for more news on the 3rd Annual STC Up All Night Marathon to benefit the Carol Morris Scholarship Fund at Bowling Green State University. It's from 5 PM on Saturday, August 19 to 1 PM on Sunday, August 20 on and is the lead producer of the event. Details here .


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