Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't be that guy

Are you that guy? Don't be. We've got your football draft day guide right here.

Also, if you want to see who went where in the best mock draft out there, namely the mock draft, look no further.

Don't forget to make note of this year's overvalued and undervalued players.

And if you need depth charts, they're all right here.

Now, on to more fun stuff: tonight's FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on from 8-10 PM EDT:

8 PM: We bring you our autumn season boxing mock draft, compiling a pool of fighters from this fall's most important fights. Draft board and suggested league guidelines here.

8:40 PM: We update you on our revised hoops and hockey draft boards.

8:50 PM: More football prep, as we come down the stretch towards Opening Day next Thursday. Draft prep continues with our first Roto Rebuttal segment of the fall (hint: it has something to do with blowhard "advice" currently being propagated on "The Worldwide Leader"), a quick "Don't Be That Guy" recap, and our examination of the top players at various positions.

Again, we thank the readers of the blog and the website for their generous support of the Carol Morris Scholarship Fund at Bowling Green State University and we wish to make you aware of the 50-50 raffle we will be operating at Northcoast Showdown, the awesome MMA card being promoted by our friends at Pro Karate Weekly. It's being held Saturday, September 16 at 7 PM at the Euclid Sports Plant. Get your tickets here and please come out to enjoy some great MMA action and to support our cause.

One more thing: many thanks to our friends at The Fan Union for designating as their site of the month. Rock on!


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