Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nice pub for the Fantasy Drafthelp brand

First of all, the great Peter Schrager of and mentions our hot dog draft from last Thursday in his latest FoxSports column. Thanks for the love, Peter, great stuff from you as always.

Also, the sports media column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Monday mentions some potential future growth for our fantasy show. No official word on the speculated item has come down, but we find it quite flattering and we are hopeful. Stay tuned.

On to tonight's FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER show on We've got a full lineup as always:

8:00 PM EDT: We will give a short rundown of our core fantasy concepts. With the aforementioned publicity we have received over the last week, coupled with the increased audience for the show (up about 1,300 since April), I believe that we should go over some of the main ideas we discuss weekly on the show and the context from which we deal every week.

8:15 PM EDT: We'll take a quick look at hockey hot stove transactions since July 1.

8:30 PM EDT: Our baseball analyst Tim Foust joins us to look at the buy and sell candidates in fantasy baseball for the second half of the season.

9:00 PM EDT: We will examine the perspectives of the national media on various fantasy football players this year: where we agree, where we disagree, and where different publications differ among themselves.

9:40 PM EDT: We'll take our last look back at the NBA Draft and our perspectives on what happened as we covered it live.

Check us out live at 8 PM tonight.


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