Thursday, July 20, 2006

The entire fantasy sports world -- it's what we do

With the above phrase being used, let me pile in on deeper with the wonderful Duckman quote my main man (and Northcoast Hockey Tonight co-host, Northcoast Hockey Tonight happening to air from 7-8 PM EDT on Paul Teeple uses on his STC morning show with the great Jim Kushlan: "I hope this doesn't sound grandiose, but tonight I begin my pre-ordained ascent towards the global adulation I so richly deserve."

We've got a great lineup as usual on Thursday night for THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER on STC, following the aforementioned Northcoast Hockey Tonight show (in which Paul Teeple and I will look at Michael Peca's move to Toronto, the continuing Ed Belfour chronicles, and the madness that is the New York Islanders -- and we'll share our favorite memories of the Neil Smith era at Nassau). Without further ado:

8 PM: We start with our usual look at niche fantasy sports with our fantasy potpourri segment. We will look at Day One of the British Open and how Tiger and Phil's starts bode for the remainder of the tournament and the entire season. We'll also look at what may be a migration into NASCAR from other circuits and the progress of the American open-wheel merger that we have been crusading for for so long. We'll preview our college football team draft on August 24 and we'll preview next week's interview with Brian McDonald of College Fantasy Football Insider. They have a very unique approach to fantasy sports with their emphasis on college football -- and if we, home of th e hot dog contest and Olympic medals drafts are calling somebody else's drafts unique, that says something!

8:30 PM: We begin the Long Goodbye, a two-month frolic through the remaining days of fantasy baseball in 2006. We will take a look at headlines and anticipated developments as well as trying to convey lessons learned for 2007. These two components will make up most of our baseball coverage for the rest of the season.

8:55 PM: Football coverage takes over, as we break down Draft Day strategy inside and out -- to say nothing of how and why you need to be thinking it over ASAP. Hint -- the word "value" may come up once or twice. The fantasy football talk continues until 10 PM EDT as we cover America's favorite hobby from all angles. Don't forget our biggest show of the year, the football mock draft on Thursday, August 17 beginning an hour early at 7 PM EDT.


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