Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shannon Freaking Brown?

The Cavs passed over Jordan Farmar for a shooting guard? Nice knowing you, Flip, there's the exit on stage right.

As somebody who grew up a Cavs fan, I'm not thrilled at all. I want to learn more about their thinking on this move. My co-host Jason Jones, who has seen way more of Brown than I have, is horrified that the Cavs passed over Farmar, but he does think that Brown can defend point guards. With Lebron playing the point forward, you could conceivably see Brown, Hughes and Lebron out there much of the time.

And again, let's see if the other shoe drops and if the Cavs do sign Jay Williams as has been rumored. That would be the best of all worlds for Cleveland.

Oh, and Jordan Farmar to the Lakers at 26. Our producer, Don Peterson, a big Laker homer, is happy.


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