Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Renaldo Balkman

Just let that run around in your brain a few times. Renaldo Balkman. A guy who wasn't even listed in several two-round mock drafts goes at 20 to the Knicks. That's Zeke for ya.

Think James Dolan is going to regret the ultimatum? Looks like Isiah is going to have fun for the last year of his employment by MSG. As a sadist and somebody who loves seeing the NBA squirm while having their flagship team in the toilet, I'm enjoying this greatly.

My co-host Jason Jones just broke his headphones when he slammed them down as Phoenix took Rajon Rando at 21. I'm very disappointed as well as he had me convinced that the Cavs needed to take Rando. Too bad.

Marcus Williams just went at 22 to New Jersey. The run on point guards has begun in earnest.


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