Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Two hours of great fantasy talk Thursday

Now that we have the Fantasy Drafthelp blog up and fully functional, I'm going to get in the habit of posting show formats here, as well as recaps. On to that in a minute.

First, this. Should this streak count with the same weight as those of Pete Rose or Paul Molitor? I think so. Rose and Molitor didn't have to wait six months in the middle of the streak for the next at-bat. I feel that what Rollins is doing definitely rates with their hit streaks.

Now, Thursday's show lineup (all times EDT) for the Insider on

8:00 PM: Fantasy potpourri (niche sports: hockey, golf and yes, a recap of the Wrestlemania Sunday draft on the SportsTalkNetwork).
8:20 PM: founder Nathan Noy appears to discuss his groundbreaking analysis of the removal of amphetamines in MLB and the fantasy affects for 2006. Read the paper here.
8:40 PM: The "VIP Pyramid" of fantasy analysis from and how to use this simple system to dominate your leagues.
9:00 PM: Fantasy baseball analysis one week into the season.
9:40 PM: NFL Draft analysis with one month until Draft Day.

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